Garage Coffee @ Fruitworks.

Looking for a worker’s paradise? Well, this place might just be for you. This is actually the first coffee shop I have found that operates as both a coffee shop and hot-desking space. This does, of course, come with some quirks like the Wi-Fi not being free – £2.00 for your first hour – which for me is a bit of a deal breaker. That said it is High-Speed Wi-Fi (~60 Mb/s) and for your £2.00 you do have the benefit of having a child-scream free environment in the heart of Canterbury. Something of a novelty.

As a venue, it is most certainly a place of work, but this comes with the benefit of being surrounded by like-minded individuals – each of you with deadlines. I find the benefit of this is you have a seemingly productive atmosphere. So if it is your style, why not give it a go? Just bring either your MacBook or a good book.

Full coffee shop review coming soon…

hot-desking (noun)

the practice in an office of allocating desks to workers when they are required or on a rota system, rather than giving each worker their own desk.

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  1. Child -Free in Canterbury when it’s busy is a real blessing .
    Especially if you are after a good coffee and some peace and quiet. Coffee and good book seems like a plan.

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